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Tanking up spring water in Alpacka raft on Laguna Reicher. Ventisquero Reicher glacier lake, Northern Patagonian Icefield, Patagonia, Chile.
  While the primary motivation behind our trips and expeditions is exploration, capturing and sharing the beauty we find is also an important aspect of our travels. Click on the links below to view galleries of recent trips.  
  Slovenia - The Joy of XC - Paragliding Adventure in The Alps, June 2012  
XC paragliding in Julian Alps from Slovenia to Italy, Mt. San Simeone and Tagliamento river, Gemona del Friuli - Slovenia 2012 - The joy of XC - Paragliding Adventure Tour in The European Alps - Soca Valley, Slovenia, June 2012Musi Range - Wild Monte Musi range across the valley in Italy as seen on an XC flight from Slovenia, Parco Regionale delle Prealpi Giulie, Italy - Slovenia 2012 - The Joy of XC - Paragliding Adventure Tour in The European AlpsKobaridski Stol - Paragliding above Kobaridski Stol range, Soca valley, Julian Alps, Slovenia - Slovenia 2012 - The Joy of XC - Paragliding Adventure Tour in The European Alps
  It was a total of 100 kilometers flying along high mountain ranges of which some rise over 2,500 meters in altitude with impressive and imposing rocky walls. A wonderful show that one can only see in great sport video documentaries... >>  
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  Flying The Atacama Desert
Iquique, Chile, November 2011
By Ned Israelsen and Chuck Savall
Paragliding above Cerro Toro plateau, Tiliviche, Pisagua, Atacama Desert, ChilePalo Buque paragliding takeoff, Iquique, Atacama Desert, Chile
  I bailed first as the thermal weakened, and found myself above an amazing plateau of a hundred undulating little peaks and dips stretching half a mile north and west. The late afternoon sun emphasized the colorful, jagged texture. The plateau sat atop a point that jutted west from the mountains all the way to the sea. I circled slowly, entranced by the beauty below. As I gained altitude bit by bit, an idea began to form. Could I go up the coast by flying over the plateau? Did I dare? What if I had to land in the middle of those badlands?... >>  
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  BBC Top Gear Chile Bolivia Special
Altiplano and The Atacama, October 2009
BBC Top Gear Bolivia Special - BBC Filming crew and presenter Jeremy Clarkson on the slopes of Guallatiri Volcano shooting BBC Top Gear Chile Bolivia Special, Altiplano, ChileBBC Top Gear Bolivia Special - Crossing the high altitude desert at 5000m with Jeremy's Range Rover and James' Suzuki, Altiplano, The Andes, ChileBBC Top Gear Bolivia Special - A camera operated from a top of a tracking vehicle, The Atacama Desert, Chile
  Last October Antofaya Expeditions leaded BBC Top Gear team through Andean Altiplano to hights over 17,000ft and then down trough the driest desert on the planet - The Atacama and to the coast of the Pacific. It is the latest in the line of great Top Gear specials. This time Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are dropped deep in the Bolivian rainforest armed only with three shabby 4x4s. What follows is their most extraordinary journey to date. They attempt to drive from the heart of Bolivia to the coast of Chile, encountering local drug lords, the debilitating effects of high altitude and the terrifying sheer drops of the infamous Death Road along the way. The show is going to air on December 27th, 2009 around the world for millions of avid watchers.  
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  Expedition Explorers II - Return to Ofqui, Patagonia, Chile, March 2009  
Playa San Quintin - 30km long virgin beach of Playa San Quintin with Andean peeks in the background, Golfo de Penas, Aisen, Patagonia, ChileBenito Lake - Paddling at proglacial lake of Benito Glacier, Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Aisen, Patagonia, ChileBenito Lake - Paddling at proglacial lake of Benito Glacier, Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Aisen, Patagonia, Chile
  Expedition Explorers II was Antofaya's biggest adventure yet with first descents of glacial run-off rivers, visits to five very remote glaciers, some visited only by a handful of people and two that may never have been visited by anyone and are yet unnamed. We trekked across 30km (19 miles) of one of the most pristine and isolated beaches the mind could imagine and fought our way through thick brush and Patagonian jungle. We camped in front of glaciers... >>  
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  Fly Atacama - Desert Paragliding Adventures - Iquique, Chile, November 2008  
Cavancha Beach - Paragliding toward landing zone of Cavancha Beach, Iquique, Chile - Pilot: Ken Hudonjorgensen, USA - Fly Atacama 2008 organizerTiliviche Canyon - Paragliding at Tiliviche Canyon, Pisagua, Atacama Desert, Chile - Pilot: Magdalena Pietrasiuk, Poland - Fly Atacama 2008 participantCerro Toro - Paragliding over plateou of Cerro Torro masive, Pisagua, Atacama Desert, Chile - Pilot: Ken Hudonjorgensen, USA - Fly Atacama 2008 organizer
  Iquique is many paragliding dream trips rolled into one: ridge soaring, soft sand dune playgrounds, endless soft thermal mornings, rowdy afternoons if you want them, wide evening glass-offs that last well past sunset, remote coastal adventure flying, unlimited cross-country potential, beach landings, over-city flights, all you could ask from a flying mecca. Not to mention good, inexpensive food and wine, in a town with an easy-going ambiance... >>  
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  Expedition Explorers 2008, Patagonia, Chile, March 2008  
Lagunas Gualas - One of the two lakes (Gualas Lakes) created by recesing Glacier Gualas (Ventisquero Gualas), Northern Patagonian Icefield, Aisen, Patagonia, ChileGualas Valley - Bushwacking along a wide glacial valey from the shores of Elephant Fiord (Estero Elefantes), Northern Patagonian Icefield, Aisen, Patagonia, ChileLaguna San Rafael - Southern shores of Laguna San Rafael - an isolated fiord where Glacier San Rafael has its terminus, Northern Patagonian Icefield, Aisen, Patagonia, Chile
  Valle de los Exploradores, valley of the explorers … an enticing name for any adventure seeker. One look at the dramatic green-carpeted mountains, topped with jagged granite and hints of white peeking out from the vast millions year-old ice field they host and we knew it was going to be a big one... >>  
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