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Crossing Mucomucone river between Las Vicunas Nature Reserve and Volcan Isluga National Park, Altiplano, Chile
  The deserts and high plains of northern Chile and Argentina are a phenomenal place to practice our favorite kind of travel—experiencing the real beauty of natural places and wandering down the solitary tracks in the sand. An Antofaya road trip will take you to beautiful remote places that most locals have never even heard of. We stop whenever there is something nice to see or do—when you feel like hiking a volcano, crossing a salt flat or taking a picture of a dust devil on the horizon or animals grazing on the slope. With Antofaya, you have the best of both worlds—the flexibility of traveling on your own and the inside scoop of local expertise.  
Expedition Routes 2013/2014
  Expedition Explorers V: The Great San Quintin
Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Chile
February 2014
Andres Glacier, one of the very remote glaciers of Western Patagonia, Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Aisen, Patagonia, ChileSan Quintin Glacier - Main arm of San Quintin Glacier - the largest glacier of Northern Patagonian Ice Field - Northern Patagonian Ice Field, Aisen, Patagonia, Chile
  For February 2013 Antofaya is preparing an expedition which will find us among the astonishing beauties of southern Chile's wild lands in the region of the Northern Patagonian Ice Field. Patagonian Ice Fields are among the most last explored places on Earth. Divided into two, the Northern and Southern Patagonian Ice Fields constitute world's third-largest continental mass of ice, after Antarctica and Greenland...  
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  6440m Antofalla - The Volcano Expedition
Puna de Atacama, Argentina
March 2012
Line of volcanoes in the high Andes, Puna de Atacama, Chile
  Antofalla volcano at 6,440m (21,129ft) is one of the largest volcanoes on the planet. Yet hardly climbed. The reason is simple. It is so remote that getting to its base is an expedition on its own rights. Located in the high Andes at the very hart of Argentinian Puna de Atacama plateau - a place not from this world. A place so barren yet full of amazing colors and surreal vistas. A place where space and horizon take new meanings. To join our attempt to climb volcano Antofalla please contact us.  
  Andean Altiplano, Northern Chile
5 to 7 days high altitude Andean adventures
October to December 2013 and March to May 2014, monthly departures
  The Andean Altiplano is one of the biggest high mountain plateaus in the world, second only to Tibet's. It is surrounded by Andean ranges with enormous peaks of active volcanoes reaching up to more than 6,000m (20,000ft) above sea level and towering over the plateau, which itself lies at 4,000m (13,000ft) elevation. The air is thin at this altitude and the climate is arid, cold and windswept. >>  
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  Puna de Atacama, North-Western Argentina
Expedition to a high and dry land of remote volcanoes and salt flats
Prearranged expeditions throughout 2012/2013 season
Getting ready for a flight at the rim of Quebrada Tiliviche, 3,500 ft deep canyon, Pisagua, ChileAcro world champion Raul Rodrigez paragliding into a sunset at Palo Buque, Iquique, ChileHuge dune of Cerro Dragon, Iquique, ChileTiliviche canyon and cloud covered flats of Cuesta el Arenal, Pisagua, ChileTandem paraglider flying into the sea over Playa Brava, Iquique, Chile
  The Puna de Atacama is a high-altitude plateau of approximately 4,000 to 4,600 meters (11,000 to 13,000 feet) elevation that lies between ranges of the Andean cordillera in Northwestern Argentina. This magnificently beautiful region is virtually unknown to foreign tourists and little known even to Argentine natives. The Puna is a place of desolate, stunning, and strange landscapes. >>  
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