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  Pack your wing and share with us your joy of flying in spectacular places. Some of the best desert and coastal flying in the world can be found in the Atacama desert of Chile. In Argentinian Patagonia you can fly above enormous green and granite peaks of the Andes in the company of condors. And above all here, in the vast mountains and plains of South America the door for exploring new sites is wide open and adventurous pilots could spend a lifetime discovering and enjoying the southern skies.  
Paragliding Routes 2014/2015
  Argentina - Flying With Condors
Paragliding Road Trip
30 November - 14 December 2015
Above Cerro Uritorco :: Paragliding from Cuchi Corral, La Cumbre, Sierras de Cordoba, ArgentinaCuesta de Miranda :: Scenic Miranda mountain pass, ArgentinaAbove lemon trees in Tucuman :: Paragliding above lemon trees plantation, Tucuman, Argentina
  Argentina - the land of big mountains and never-ending steppe. The land of warm people, great wine, and gauchos on their horses. This two week trip will take us from rainforest to desert. We will fly famous flying sites like Loma Bola in Tucuman, ridge soar with Andean condors at a little jewel of Famatina, look for convergence flying at the home of paragliding world champions at La Cumbre, and go cross country at Paragliding World Cup site Mina Clavero. And between flying we will stay in beautiful countryside guesthouses, eat grilled Argentinian beef, visit vineyards, ride horses, and splash in thermal waters. Condors as your wing-men guaranteed.  
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  Fly Atacama Desert
Paragliding Adventures Iquique, Chile
3 - 10 and 10 - 17 November 2015
Sunset paragliding at Quebrada Tiliviche, Pisagua, ChileCamanchaca Dunes - Paraglider take-off at mountain dunes of Camanchaca Dunes, Iquique, Atacama Desert, ChileDry riverbeds of the plateau below Cerro Toro, Tiliviche, Chile
  Welcome to paragliding paradise! Here in the driest desert in the world, your flying plans will never be canceled by rain. In the skies over the vast Atacama desert, imagination is the only limit. Fly over the sinuous curves of desert dunes, hover over fishing boats bobbing in the harbor, soar above the clouds at sunset and land on the beach next to the crashing waves of the Pacific. The port town of Iquique in northern Chile boasts the most consistent flying conditions in the world with an average of only seven non-flyable days per year. A variety of local and XC sites will keep pilots of all levels satisfied. Pilots will be welcomed by a friendly flying community and a city that is supportive of paragliding. Whatever your experience level, you most likely will beat your personal distance or air time record.  
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  Slovenia - The Joy of XC
Paragliding Adventure Tour in The European Alps
18 - 27 June 2015
Paragliding above Krn mountain, Soca valley, Julian Alps, SloveniaParagliding toward Bovec valley, Julian Alps, SloveniaParagliding along Stol range, Kobarid, Julian Alps, Slovenia
  Have you ever looked at the results of Paragliding World Cup or World Championships and wondered: Slovenia? Where is it? Where do those champions come from? Located at the south-eastern end of the European Alps this tiny mountain country was created for paragliding, for awe-inspiring paragliding. Dramatic Slovenian Alps are one of the most fascinating mountain massifs in Europe with unparalleled beauty of the landscape, wild corners, rugged silver colored mountains and valleys filled with green meadows. Where else while thermaling over a snowy peak can you see Mediterranean sea? Where else can you cross international borders while flying? Where else can you jump from one alpine valley to another on an XC flight following an emerald river below? Cross country flying in Slovenia inspires.  
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  Desert Wings
Off-road paragliding in northern Chile
Frequent departures throughout year 2015
  So you flew the famous Palo Buque and Alto Hospicio sites in Iquique, Chile and you haven't had enough of Atacama desert flying? You needn't worry, the great dunes and coastal mountains of the vast Atacama are an untapped playground for paragliders. We have been flying in half a dozen new locations this year and can't wait to explore the many more possible flying sites in northern Chile. Come with us and fly over desert mountains covered in sand dunes, deep canyons, and pristine beaches fringed by the deep blue Pacific. We are looking for pilots of all levels willing to explore uncharted areas with us and to fly our new favorite sites.  
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